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Monday, November 14, 2011

The Howie Sturtz Band played Polkas and Waltzes and Schottisches each and every Sunday on Dairyland Jubilee.  People celebrated Life once.  I miss that.

Monday, November 7, 2011

The diary of "Esther," age 28, Harare, Zimbabwe:  We have been very patient, waiting all this time for a peaceful solution.  It is getting to be too much now...It is like they (the government) keep poking you and poking you and poking you and poking you and poking you, daring us to do something to them...I don't think they'll be any help coming from anywhere.  We are prisoners of our independence, our sovereignty. BBC

Giles Corey: More Weight

Giles Corey was a man pressed to death by stones in 1692 Salem, Massachusetts during the witch trials.  Featured in the play "The Crucible" I read his parts in high school.  He refused to enter a plea so he was pressed for days.  At one point the sheriff stood upon the stones on his chest asking three times for a confession or plea, even shoving Gile's tongue back into his mouth, Gile's eyes bulging, he replied as he had all along:  "More weight."

Giles Corey of Salem Farms

If I deny, I am condemned already, In courts where ghosts appear as witnesses, And swear men's lives away. If I confess, Then I confess a lie, to buy a life which is not life, but only death in life. I will not bear false witness against any, Not even against myself, whom I count least.

I pray you, do not urge me to do that You would not do yourself. I have already The bitter taste of death upon my lips; I feel the pressure of the heavy weight That will crush out my life within this hour; But if a word could save me, and that word Were not the Truth; nay, if it did but swerve A hair's-breadth from the Truth, I would not say it.