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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

We are attracted to narcissistic spectrums of people precisely because they appear successful and stable without the baggage of feelings we must bear. In the end we call them selfish, still, they are no more selfish than ourselves. Remember first we admired that characteristic in them and sought them out.
Weakness becomes a Strength and Strength a Weakness.  We admire the Corporate Power and Money structures we cultivate to get things done only because they are careless collectives and we view ourselves as weak, alone, and a feeling person; ordinary employees of that unfeeling psychopathic thing. We create by designing, building and maintaining great machines and great Systems within which we can design, build, and maintain more and more. These are great because they can do so much more than we alone with our hands and primitive tools.  They have no baggage of feelings and thought but simply do great things again and again. We admire these psychopathic monoliths as extensions of ourselves. And so our enduring weakness is the identification with strength in these forms.