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Friday, October 26, 2012

Comfort Level and The Uncanny Valley: Masahiro Mori - 1970 Japanese Roboticist

In 1970, a Japanese Robotocist Masahiro Mori intuitively proposed on a Baseline of simulacra a Comfort Level; shinwakan, and The Uncanny Valley or Bukimino Tani, of reactions to Humanness of robotic and other human like objects.  Above the simulacra line was the Human, Ordinary, Boring, and Uninspiring while below is the Supernatural, Shocking, and Spine Tingling; Eeriness.

Of course, healthy humans scored highest with the comfort level gradually descending toward Eeriness as non human representations attempted to appear more human.  Zombies and prosthetic hands scored lowest.

Indiana University School of Informatics by Dr. Chin Chang Ho and Karl MacDorman