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Saturday, February 2, 2013


"Over a period of time, one employee might be singled out as a scapegoat.  What sort of person is likely to be treated that way? Probably someone who stands out as different.  For example, it could be the only male in a female environment or a female working in a male domain.  A confident person might be seen as the pushy sort, while a reserved individual might be perceived as shifty.  The potential victim may also be different in the sense that he or she is older or younger than the rest or even better qualified for the job."

"'Whoever the scapegoat might be, the colleagues become nasty and brazen toward their chosen victim and thereby sense a feeling of relief from their own personal stress,' reports the German Medical Journal MTA.  Attempts by the scapegoat to remedy the situation achieve little success and might make matters worse.  As the intimidation becomes more frequent and systematic, the scapegoat becomes more isolated.  At this point, the victim of harassment is likely unable to cope with the situation alone."

Awake! 05/08/2004 pages 5 and 6