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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Characteristics of Bullying according to Women by their female bosses:

  • Clips your wings:  Asks more of you but never shares the spotlight.  Feels threatened by Competition; Insecure.

  • Steals your work:  Takes advantage of "team" interests by not giving Credit where credit is due. Takes credit for your work.

  • Feeds you to wolves:    Takes you on as Right Hand woman yet you end up doing dirty Work; Firing and Blaming for bad patient care.

  • Leaves you in lurch:     Sabotage of her own crew; giving half information, with an impossible deadline and an unqualified team.

  • Crashes your weekend:     Monopolizing your weekends off maniacally, instead of occasional overtime management.

  • Stickler for rules:    Rigid rather than flexible where needed.  Does not invite change or fresh ideas.

  • Changes her tune:        Keeps you insecure by public praise to your face, Two faced tearing down to others; dampens drive.

  • Rules with a fist:      Manipulates by pitting one against another; fearful, mistrusting team does not rebel but keeps working.

  • Cope or quit?:         Fight within the hierarchy or Flight by quitting.  Triangulation against perceived male advantages (blaming Men).