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Tuesday, June 18, 2013


 I married the most amazing woman. Sweet, innocent, sexy. About 8 years into the marriage I found myself sleeping on the couch (permanently) and pretty much numb all of the time from the constant abuse she dished out. I was convinced that I was terrible, mean, and that the marriage was just hanging on a thread. Because of who I am. I worked and worked to please her, but she just became more crazy - she had affairs, she was a hypochondriac, she came out as an alcoholic, she raged....She never offered to take an active role in making things any better because it was "all my fault." She went into outpatient therapy and started cutting herself. More and more she convinced herself and others that I was the problem. I supported her completely because "I saw past her "issues" as she calls them and saw the beautiful and caring person she really is..." I have now been embroiled in a very nasty $100,000+ divorce for over 3 years (actually with her fees more like $200,000 - and I've paid a lion's share of both sides because she won't work!). I have fought hard to maintain a relationship with my children. She and her parents have destroyed my credibility in every possible way and have worked in concert to turn my children against me. Her parents are fed a steady stream of lies regarding my character and act to "protect" their daughter. She has had a child with another man and an abortion with a third man, but she is wonderfully active in the Catholic Church and people regularly donate clothes and furniture to her. Because she has become a victim.
You need to open your eyes and understand that this won't get BETTER, it will only get WORSE. Way worse. You will eventually be the ONLY problem in her life and you will pay dearly in every aspect of your life. Sorry I sound so harsh, but read the stories on this board and you will be able to see exactly where you are headed. Unless you are convinced that somehow your wife is special, that one-in-a-million gal who just needs loving.