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Monday, May 19, 2014


I try to be reasonable. In fact, I view irrationality as I do strangers: A friend I haven't met yet. After all, everything has a very real explanation or reason somewhere just as there certainly is a sound of a tree falling when there is no one there to hear it. In fact, most of what I know of the world is evidence and faith based upon the apparent results attributed to it.  I will see and hear and experience personally only a fraction of Reality before I go. Still, I am hopelessly dependent upon the conclusions and reports and evaluations of other people whom have made it their business to do such things. Although I do not "kill the messenger" of bad reports, most "messengers" these days are unreliable. Foolishness reigns in high places. As Roman Pontius Pilatus concluded rhetorically in his interrogation of Christus, "What is truth?" His only reply, a sad, resigned, and pregnant pause as this falsely accused man gazed upon him returning outside to try and appeal to a Jewish mob's absence of sensibilities one more time. From the Dawn of Man, History is a cake of Lies frosted with Truth.

As Grandfather, I find myself relishing the exploitation of my young Grandson's wide-eyed wonder over ludicrous and irrational stories just as my own Wicked Grandfather prevailed upon me at five. Much later in life, after my Grandfather was long gone, was it finally revealed that the great mass of fermented stories he related to me were complete fabrications, with a few mustard seeds of truth.

Why are adult men and women such prolific liars? Of course, the common knowledge that children are rigorously honest is itself a confabulation. We are born with an exquisitely irresistible inclination to lie in our blood, even when it is easier to tell the truth. Highly educated and influential people play armchair god while their more powerful cohorts enforce Policy and Procedure with bludgeons.

I defer to larger truths evidenced by a thousand lies. The Grandfather that respects truth will modestly  acquiesce at the end of the day by confessing the sin of white lies to his Grandson because ultimately he knows the higher principle and responsibility he has to be truthful. All fun aside, conceding that all men are liars I must redeem personal integrity as an individual by not perjuring myself in his court.

If Bipolar has taught me anything, it is the discovery of the Fact that the brilliant flights of Mania and the pretense of Dissociations from reality are financed directly by the Banks, Casinos, and other repositories of neurotransmitters and followed eventually by the depressing dopamine debt. Drugs that ostensibly float a synthetic loan to cover it demand interest, penalties and punitive fees.

Collectively, we are nominally serious about elites being held accountable to truth but rarely can it be enforced fairly and reasonably beyond the occasional clueless scapegoat authentically bewildered at being singled out from business as usual where the only perceived crime is being stupidly caught. I am continually in awe of this world's System celebrating corporate psychopathy without any shame.

I conclude that Sobriety is a sound quality of mind beyond abstinence from addictive substances, behaviors, and beliefs that is of great transcendent and spiritual value because of it's rarified and brief sanity and clarity. Sobriety is the air and stable platform of the deep sea diver and awareness or wakefulness to the sleeper in a disturbing nightmare. It brings the dead back to Life: True evolution.

What is Truth? It is Love and Life, among the rarest and exquisitely delectable samples we can taste in this supermarket. If we must ask the price, it is apparent we cannot afford to buy it. We can't live with or without it. It is a foreign language and profanely counterfeited currency in a material world that blasphemously attempts to mint it with fiat words and sell it like bottled water. It is beyond most.