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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

WalStreet, "The 20th Century Motor Corporation" and "Who Is John Galt?"

The WalTon Family is "worth" over 100 billion dollars, more than the "bottom" 40% of Americans. It is not envy, jealousy or sour grapes to say that they and the "top" 1% of concentrated wealth in this country have designed, built, and maintain an economic empire based upon slave and indentured servitude to sell at the lowest prices their product and service of simply distributing things around and investing in themselves alone while their own employees must seek Government Subsidies to survive even as they continue to work at two or three jobs to avoid Poverty. Some 100 years ago, JP Morgan increased the ratio of owner's wages to worker's wages proposed by Plato from six to one to twenty five to one. Now, the ratio is 500 to 1,000 to one. Both men and women worker's wages have decreased precipitously for at least 45 years. A family making $51,000 per year, if given a modest and well deserved increase of just 2% should now be making $81,000 per year. More people live in Poverty now than ever before, and yet "they" have cut Subsidies and Benefits, rejecting a modest increase of the Minimum Wage to $10 per hour. The same mentality for defending Slavery in the Southern States exists now, namely, that Slavery was superior to slave wages and conditions simply because slave owners took better care of their "property" for the same reason a business owner would care for and maintain his properties: To stay in business. At the same time, factory workers in the Northern States lived with inadequate wages, longer hours worked under conditions that were indeed dangerous and impoverished with no Benefits. They were "free" to be exploited and disposed of all because they were "rented or leased out" rather than "Property." Slavery is, of course, despicable but the argument is valid. One working multiple jobs for Poverty Wages or works and receives Subsidies to survive is both disposable and suffers in silence as prices continue to rise while wages are frozen. The model of Wall Street, whom also produce nothing nor do anything productive, controls on top. 

In 1850 onward, the "white collar clerks" were largely despised because office work was viewed as NOT real work, and like Insurance workers, only generated and pushed paper around for a living. I agree "Work" must be redefined over time to include more than manual labor and industrial or agricultural production and services. Technology Booms have accelerated FarceBook into Initial Public Offering, among many others, by providing a dubious product or service that is popular. The "bottom line" for Corporate models is simply to make money for a star chamber of top members, not to do good things for people. This System, among countless other integrated components is long overdue for pruning and begs to be dismantled and replaced despite the anonymous mob who are vigorously trying to preserve, control, and perpetuate it in league with the Big Names defending it.

I have a guilty pleasure in the "Atlas Shrugged" trilogy of movies based upon Ayn Rand's ideas and look forward to the last installment, "Who Is John Galt?," Still, I am disgusted by the Political and Corporate views it has inspired much like the Tea Party Movement. John Galt and those who joined him in the Novel were of high Intelligence, Relative Integrity, and fiercely Alive. Ayn Rand's entire idea was to create the ideal man character to take the lead in "stopping the motor of the world" by refusing to contribute his productivity to an exploitive, corrupt, and dying System, NOT save it. Live and let "it" die so another world is born. It's when Atlas, the man that holds up the world, weakens and, finding no help or solace, simply "shrugs" and let's it drop.