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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Earth: The Only Planet Of The Solar System NOT Named After A God

After Charles Darwin's "Origin of the Species" and the world not ending, again, for the Millerites in 1844, a Mr. Broca, whom was to have a significant area of the human brain named after him, began as the American Civil War did about 1861, to assert that all humans had a unique place on the side of the Frontal Lobe apparently designed to fully handle what no other creature could even come close to doing: Articulating Speech. It was confirmed as predicted that any adverse effect upon this Area will adversely effect the ability of the victim to process intelligent Speech. Again, it is uniquely Human.

About 100 years later, an MIT Linguist Noam Chomsky noted Broca's Area was common to all humans and, indeed, appeared fully formed with patterns of grammatical function universally. Any race of child born anywhere potentially can learn and master any language or dialect anywhere else.

This idea did not settle well with the evolving ape man crowd anymore than Chomsky's other ideas. Colorless Green Ideas Sleep Furiously, so, the arrogance of suggesting homo sapiens appeared suddenly, fully formed, rather than evolve languages from grunts and barks, made him one of Them.