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Thursday, June 5, 2014

"The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now." ~Chinese Proverb

Everyone can agree we have limited time and opportunity regardless of our circumstances to say and do things because every person whom has ever lived has died without even one single exception. And no matter what your beliefs are about your personal chances for another future existence after this one it is definitely not up to you. Still, the power of personal choice has been preserved for each individual to some degree, even if it is a decision not to choose at all; to leave that power to others.

Kepler and Beyond

When Aristotle, The First Teacher according to Arabic Muslims, left Plato's side he was considered the first Scientist in developing the Golden Mean and adding a fifth "element," Aether roughly corresponding to the idea of Dark Matter today. He considered his work both Scientific and Theological rather than simply Philosophical in nature. Aristotle was the teacher of Alexander the Great until about 323 BCE, and aside from the apocryphal public humiliation with Alexander's girlfriend Phyllis, the relationship was mutually beneficial and edifying. Perhaps Alexander's severance of the Gordian Knot and his appreciation of his prophetic place in the Book of Daniel in the Hebrew Scriptures as he rode triumphantly into Jerusalem was influenced by his Greek tutor.

Men have always attributed the discovery in nature of such constructs as the Golden Mean to be the Laws, Principles, and Designs of a legislating Designer, Builder, and Preserving Deity or deities that exist incorporeal outside and within an "Aether" both scientifically and spiritually different from Us. These attributions have been both beneficial and malevolent forces, depending upon whom you talk to at any place or time. Any and all reasonable people throughout history have individually formulated a thousand Why Questions leading off in virtually every direction that have been passed on to Us today to reconsider in the light of new knowledge. And in just the past quarter century, we have peered out into Hubble's Deep Field, into the Human Genome, and the Boson "God Particle."

Still, the common man's reasonableness is often lost with his progeny of the 21st Century just as the knowledge of the previous 40 Centuries Before our Common Era in this Holocene Epoch is lost. To witness the closure of Book Stores everywhere, virtually giving books away and burning the rest, is as disturbing as the burning of books were in other times and places. Fire is the vulnerability of the printed page and an electrical magnetic pulse is the demise of the electronic media catalogs here. So we have devised indexing and remote redundant data storage in the event of a localized hack attack. Those delegated to store every keystroke are constructing vast facilities dedicated to doing just that.

The collection of inspired books or Scripture and such Apocryphal accounts as the Maccabees do provide at times the exclusive proprietor's account of specific times, places, events, and personages that may or may not be in evidence anywhere else. These should be valued and studied by everyone.

When President Obama proposed the mapping of the human brain, it quietly became the Final Frontier of exploration far beyond John Kennedy's Space Program. Although in no way have We completed the surveillance of the depths of the Oceans, the height of the Heavens, and the length or breadth of Life, the Universe, and the cellular and molecular levels or invisible forces among the Aether, the task before the creators of the DSM 5, who have only recently abandoned Lobotomies and mass incarcerations and other neuropsychopharmacological treatments for the perceived anomalies and unpleasantries of the human brain, is to take the first step on a journey of 1000 miles. 

Like the excruciating tragedy of Apollo One, the "psychonauts" of inner space seek to distance themselves from the past, like Apollo Seven, and carefully review the "successful failures" along the way, like Apollo 13, or the subsequent Space Shuttle tragedies that followed. Exploration always has unsung heroes and casualties in this Human Experiment, particularly among the last several thousand years. If we are merely the "evolved animal" and most dangerous predator in all the Universe, alone without precedent and presiding over all our own affairs, the only "successful failure" is the individual mind that comes to the realization that the Constellations asserted by the clerical, corporate, political, military, and all other rulers of the world throughout history have blinded Us to what is clearly hidden in plain sight: We are neither animals nor masters of the Universe; but Human.