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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Lake Tomahawk, Wisconsin and Elaine McCarthy

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An excellent first hand history of Lake Tomahawk, WI, celebrating 100 years in 2014, preserving the voices of Town elders in 1994 and 1995 onward; many of whom have passed on as Elaine did recently. I had the privilege of working with Ms. McCarthy personally a few years ago digitizing the many cassette tapes she had used to produce the exhaustive transcripts in the Book. We wanted to insure their preservation and use as Audio book material, possibly, for those who cannot see well. The Interviews from my Home Town include my deceased father and my 95 year old Aunt whom tragically had lost the ability to see well. As I promised Elaine, I retained the digitized Copies on my Computer for future use, whether for Publication and or for Archival preservation on a more accessible Media. Thank you so much Ms. Elaine McCarthy for your efforts and the love you showed genuinely and generously. This Book will always be a real authentic treasure in my Library!

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