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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Am I Livin' In A Box, Am I Livin' In A Card Board Box?

Moving from one geographical location to another in a short time results in having your "stuff" around you, in boxes mostly, and in no real particular order. There are general categories like Kitchen Stuff, Bathroom Stuff, and so on, but on the surface it just looks like a Storage Unit. Now, I have been Homeless and I know what is essential and where there are places for a person to slip into at night. It severely limits your "stuff" to what you can carry with you or stash in a temporary squirrel hole. Still, no one wants to look at or even acknowledge Homelessness because it looks bad for them if it is in their proximity. Maybe it makes some feel bad.

Homelessness has been described as "living on the street" because it is most recognizable as an Urban blight. The reason is simple: Cities have services. "Living in the woods" is much more complicated and since I live in a Rural, Small Town, Reservation area there are no "Streets" to live on. Caucasians of largely Northern European descent provide Food Pantry services comprised of expiring and expired food along with dry goods and other surplus or donated foods. There is Hunting, Fishing, and "living off the land" or Farming that require complex equipment, permits, and access to land along with the specialized skills to survive. "Indian" Reservations now are enriched by Casinos and it is not uncommon to have men, women, and children whom you do not know living in your house at any given moment. What may appear to be a pile of laundry can yield a "new friend" in the morning. There are, of course, some Social Services in the larger Towns and "on the Rez" providing support.

So much of the Rural, Suburban, and especially Reservation Homelessness is self absorbed by the Community while the excess spill over into larger cities like Madison, WI. The drug and alcohol abuse problems also have simple reasons for their existence: They make Homelessness tolerable. However, anything illegitimate, immoral, and so on breeds more of the same along with the chronic diseases and disorders of individuals and Society. Having no real jobs, no real places to stay, and no real Insurance coverage, that same Society is obliged to manage this underground population with Shelters, Alcohol, Drug, and Psychiatric Care, Public Transportation, Jails, and Social Services. It has become unmanageable to some until the European Refugee Crises unfolded. There is no comparison.

Of course, Refugees are NOT by definition Criminals, Alcoholics, Drug Addicts or without the ability to survive on their own anymore than Homeless people in general. So, it requires some empathic and intuitive reasoning along with courage and organizational and other skills to persuade those with the stability and resources to pool their efforts. It was done in the Greatest World War Generation, the Great Depression, and the post War Reconstruction. Why not now with much greater technology and communication available? Why not now with far greater economic resources and more education and training? Because it requires a Will that is uncompromised by racial and ethnic prejudice whereby human decency motivates people to stop killing and destroying to begin helping.

For many years, decades in fact, the Government ran simulations specifically about a large hurricane scenario where the storm tracked directly into the New Orleans, Louisiana Area (NOLA) overcoming the barriers and safety measures, and flooding the below sea level Urban NOLA. It had not happened in recent memory, but the chances were good it would happen someday. And with Hurricane Katrina it finally did. There was a response by the George W. Bush Administration and FEMA but the actual on the ground conditions made much of the response a wasted effort and a shameful failure of Emergency Services as reports after the event related. True, there were many factors out of the control of anyone, such as maintaining a below sea level city in an annual hurricane season area at all. The question was raised; Why certain racial and ethnic populations seemed to receive more help?

The Rwanda Genocide in 1994 was an example. Although the United Nations maintained a presence there, in the end in the person of one courageous Colonel and his Staff, no one attempted to intervene even though the weapon of choice seemed to be machetes. Over 900,000 were killed between the Tutsi and Hutu "tribes." Centuries before, leading up to the massacre, Catholic Schools and Churches failed to intervene in racial and ethnic tensions between the two "tribes" and even contributed to the government's campaign of provoking "differences" of skull structure, physical and cultural characteristics that "identified" one tribe as superior over the other. In the end, there were those whom exploited these petty differences. These were not whites and blacks. These were African natives.

There are endless examples like these that sap the Will of humans to stop killing, torturing, and destroying each other and turn to using their resources to help each other. The REAL question is: Whom are the world rulers that sow the seeds that choke out the natural goodwill of humans and exploit the situations that arise continuously creating massive humanitarian disasters globally? It is unseen forces, clearly. Their Agendas are actually transparent: To stir the pot of violence, greed, and warfare for selfish gains. Whom are REALLY in charge of this world? A malevolent force indeed.