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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Are We Awake? Are We Alive?

The short answer is No and No. A longer answer is needed to qualify those questions. The term Homo Sapiens means "Thinking Man" which some believe to be a contradiction of terms at times. It is a matter of a world reflecting our degree of enlightenment. If we claim to be enlightened personally we are a bit of a candle in the wind, shining in a dark world. Some have a solution worked out where they enlighten others around them, but that does not change the conditions of one and all still being candles in the wind of a dark world, individually and collectively. Carrying the metaphor along, there is nothing about candles that can change the world except to ignite a consuming wild fire, leaving a smouldering, windy, bedarkened world. I was thinking of a bit more creative process. Fire can be the beginning of a renewal, but a recycling renewal because of the nature that is already there to do so. A contradiction.

So, it is our nature as humans to grow into perfection or completion as humans. It is in a sense what Scientists mean by Evolution, except Science has no idea what the end product of such a process might be. We already possess great potential. It is imperfection and death that ends the cultivation of such potentials. Science disregards the individual entirely by seeing Evolution as a progression of THE SPECIES rather than the Individuals in it. They only foresee a very distant future when Science has gradually prolonged life to the point that death is eliminated by the discovery of it's cause and only then can individuals hope to live without dying by some regenerative process. It also disregards the fact that Science has not solved problems that plague humans today, but has created the means of destruction for the entire planet. 

There are some definite improvements to living now that Science has made. Time and space would fail me if I listed even a few of them. And most of the scientists that worked on them are dead or dying. The point is these improvements cannot feed the human spirit. Can you name the scientists that have made these improvements? And how many really benefit from these improvements due to other limiting factors? In most cases, only a select few actually know of or benefit from them.

You see, a herd or species mentality viewed as survival of the "fittest" cannot possibly keep the candles burning because that is NOT the goal. How can being extinguished for all time be satisfying? It cannot. How can it be compelling for a life's work in ANY endeavor to end at all? Even if it is celebrated for a time, bringing praise and recognition, even wealth, until we fall asleep forever? None of this feeds the human spirit.

What alternative do we have that CAN feed the human spirit? Clearly, we need a Great Leap Forward that can end, not only death, but ALL the ancient evils that plague Mankind. Often it is depicted as some ambiguous intervention by extra-terrestrials with advanced technologies. At this late date, we need help to survive as a Species, as a Planet and as Individuals. We must be ALIVE to effect and witness ANY changes ourselves. We need extraordinary and timely intervention before we wipe out everything during this Anthropocean Epoch we have created. We must come to expect the unexpected perhaps. The sleeper must awaken.