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Sunday, November 8, 2015

Medications and Balance

So often there is a direct correlation between my ability to maintain a good mood with Bipolar and the medication and other aspects of daily living being on a regular schedule. I have found my thinking and feelings deteriorating only to look at the missed dose of medication in the pillbox. Not always, but better than 50% of the time a bad mood coming on can be identified with a physical cause. If not, it is often an emotional or mental issue that I have unresolved conflicts with. Either way, identifying the cause is a huge step in solving the problems that arise. I don't like discomfort and many of these things make me exquisitely uncomfortable. As has been observed, one cannot do anything well unless you have eaten well, slept well, resolved conflicts for the moment, and made meaningful human contact that day. I have acknowledged the importance of keeping a regular schedule, but I have trivialized the other needs. Not everything comes in pill form. It must be embedded into the activities of daily living. Even exercise can be incorporated into these activities as can getting outside in the fresh air and sunshine. We had mothers supervising us when we were young and we must learn to mother ourselves now. It may involve learning to cook nutritious, even if simple meals, getting up and taking care of ourselves in ALL these trivial ways. Keep clean, orderly lives for it's own sake, not for others. There will be moments when we cannot live up to these simple standards and we need forgiveness. By all means be generous with it.