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Friday, November 27, 2015

Noam Chomsky Linguistics

Following Noam Chomsky's stupefying knowledge, insight, and articulation of world affairs I had forgotten about his vast accomplishments in the field of Linguistics or the study of Language at MIT. He explained non stop for 80 minutes, until he was stopped, how much was learned and how much there is yet to learn about Language. Chomsky qualified what some called Universal Grammar to be, not the patterns of similarity in all Languages, but the biological Internal Language or I Language that he states appeared as a mutation of an individual's mind or brain some thousands of years ago suddenly, fully formed, and complete. Chomsky went on to relate these and so many mysteries that we do not and perhaps cannot know. The more that is learned the more "puzzled" we become, and it is this puzzlement which drives true Science rather than the certitudes of Aristotle's definition of Language as being "sound with meaning." There are the myths of Proto Language where Language "evolved" gradually as adaptations over a long period of time from animal sounds. No, Language is "all or nothing" in it's completeness and infinite potential and therefore appeared suddenly to one individual. Still, if it had not occurred to at least one other individual, the "mutation" remained only an Internal Language of the one without the ability to develop the motor skills necessary to speak and write since no one would know what was being said or written. Is Broca's Area of the brain a mutation or a unique structure to Humans with the larynx PURPOSEFULLY DESIGNED for speech?

I present Genesis' account of Language being 'all the people (thousands) of the Earth having one language gathering to build a city and a tower with it's top in the Heavens for fear they might again be swept away' in a global Flood as they were hundreds of years before; pruned down to eight souls. It was there God came down to investigate and responded by confusing their languages so as to compel them to leave off building the great city and spread out to fulfill the Divine mandate to fill the Earth and subdue it. The confusion was the instant formation of fully formed and complete languages that so differed from one another that Mankind was made to spread out forming separate language groups. And from these changed into  even more language groups and dialects with their own grammatical rules.

This explanation satisfies the evidence closely but, of course, offends and violates Evolutionary Science which the vast majority of scientists have embraced, many of which promoted the myth that life evolved gradually over vast periods of time from adaptations and mutations. And ruled out the evidence that life on Earth could be purposefully designed and created intelligently.