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Saturday, November 21, 2015

She said that living with me is bringing her down, Yeah, For she would never be free when I was around...

Divorce and any word that begins with Dis- makes one subject to a terrible Aloneness that is like a black hole sucking in all life and light. Ironically, women seem to survive Death and Divorce better. They live longer afterward and seem to even thrive. Men usually whither and die within five or six years. I say it is ironic about women living and thriving longer because they supposedly feel things more deeply. That does not stop them from living and thriving, apparently. After drying their tears, the net gains outweigh the net losses for them and they simply move on. They really are survivors.

If you sense a fresh bitterness and pain in these statements you are correct because I am experiencing ALL of it currently: The Divorce, the Death, and the Dis. I have lost everyone in my life, all at once. There is no where to go with such pain, obviously, because if one has lost EVERYONE there is no one remaining to cry on their shoulder or in my own beer. Even the beer is gone. Where does one go? To hell, I suppose.