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Saturday, November 28, 2015

The Bible: Killing the Messenger

Both the Quran and the Bible spoke of Abraham, his nephew Lot, and the city of Sodom, but the exact location of the city was a mystery. According to information at hand, it appeared to be lost in the salt encrusted South Eastern shore of the lowest point on Earth: The Dead Sea at the Southern end of the Jordan River; a valley plain that could have been lush and well watered as described in the Middle Bronze Age c. 2,000 BCE and in the events of Genesis.

With all the doctrinal discussions of the Bible, many forget that it has served well as a geographical and historical guide for centuries. Although not a science text, what the Bible has said about scientific phenomena was accurate even though other civilizations at the time believed otherwise. Briefly, the Bible says the 'spherical' earth is 'hung upon nothing.' Health, hygiene, and dietary requirements, although specific to the ancient nation of Israel in their situations was far ahead of other nations. And the moral standards separated the nation from the immoral practices of nations around them. In turn, they were spared.

The surrounding Canaanites, who sacrificed their children to false gods, complained at length about the practices of the Sodomites so that it finally warranted a visit from the spirit realm. Three angels materialized as men told Abraham what they were about to do and because of deep concern over his nephew and his family in Sodom bargained for their lives. Satisfied that Sodom would be spared for the sake of Lot's small family, two of the Sons of God departed. Arriving in Sodom they had determined to spend the night in the city square when Lot absolutely insisted they come under his roof for the night as protected guests. From boy to old man the men of the city came in one singular mob.

Attempting a ritualized kidnapping of the young men, Lot refused, even confusing them by offering his own daughters. Apparently raping women was a Capital Offense according to the traditions which Sodom's civilization emulated. The aim of the mob was to have intercourse with the materialized spirits, so they were all blinded while Lot and his family were urged to leave the city before its destruction. Lingering all night and unable to convince his daughter's fiances of the serious situation, the sun arose and the angels became insistent and grabbed them, dragging them out to the gate of the city and told them to flee to the mountains for their lives. And to not look back.

Being city dwellers now, this did not suit Lot. He begged them to be allowed to escape to a small town named Zoar which they did. After traveling all day, as they arrived at Zoar Lot's wife did precisely what the angels told them not to do: Turn around. And she became a pillar of salt. With his two daughters in tow, they settled in Zoar, but soon found the necessity to leave and live in caves. They ended up fleeing to the mountains anyway for their own safety. Sodom and its District were incinerated by Jehovah God Himself. Even the plants of the ground were destroyed. Lot and his daughters thought EVERYONE perished.

Between secular sources, geological digs, and the Bible, meaning is conveyed to knowledge and historical facts that are revealed. More than a "Bronze Age Fairy Tale," the Bible is a reliable guide. Discrediting the greatest Document; a Library preserved against all odds, kills the Messenger and thus the Message contained in the world's best selling Book of all time. It violates scientific principles to ignore its significance, even if certain parts are disputed. The Apocrypha of non inspired books not included in the Bible canon has the books of Maccabees containing valuable historic information. To be dismissive of the Bible because it differs in doctrine from Religions and Science is unscientific. It kills the Messenger.