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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Born Again

In my early twenties, it was the 1980's, a Charismatic Pentacostal preacher showed up in town and had a tent revival meeting at the park by the lake and it was broadcast live on the local AM Station. He wanted to form an instant church following locally so there were several people from out of town attending to get things fired up when the time came. The preacher had a good turn out for his sermon and about 20 minutes into it he invited the audience to all come forward and accept the Lord Jesus into their lives and hearts. I was in the very back row and the tent had no sides so I exited stage right. Some people came after me, urging me to return and be "Born Again" as everyone else seemed to be experiencing. The piano playing lady was loudly "speaking in tongues" while others were writhing around in ecstasy at her feet. The preacher was "laying on hands" confirming one after the other as a Born Again Christian; born to life anew. Apparently I was the only demon being cast out at the time. Simply getting up and leaving after the sermon was out of the question apparently. They persisted to prevail upon me to return so finally I said, "There is no burning Hell Fire in the Bible. It's not there." Well, finally I walked away because no one was in a reasonable mood that night. Everything was about this orgy going on inside the tent. The whole mosh pit became new church congregants. I liken it to an orgy or mosh pit because whatever the lady was babbling it wasn't a real language at all. It sounded obscene in tone and the whole scenario of those surrounding her were of people in the throes of orgasm. I watched a video of Sarah Palin having "demons expelled" in church and it was similar.