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Thursday, December 17, 2015


Death itself is precisely what it appears to be: Non Existence, so I don't fear death itself. Only the many feelings that precede it. Although it is an enemy, it is often a welcome one because of the circumstances we find ourselves in toward the end of our lives in particular. It is a tragedy when life is cut short when we are young or it is unexpected and sudden. We have no time to grieve the losses. And grieving is a necessary experience to anyone surviving such a loss. Because of fear and superstitions regarding death people become very uncomfortable discussing the subject openly. Still, everyone whom has ever lived has died without even a single exception. I confess, even though I have been around people dying and experiencing their loss and grief, and pain, it still makes me very uncomfortable. Birth also makes me exquisitely uncomfortable and nervous. The beginning and end of life. We seem to have no control over it.