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Monday, December 21, 2015

“Death’s a rocket we take back to the stars, And grief is a train we ride to the horizon.”

The belief is within us that the bounty of the Terrestrial will reproduce us again and that the Celestial will take us Home. Humans are the only ones in the Universe to believe these things. Maybe Grief is something that takes us far away from where we have lost our home and Death transforms us again. These beliefs are both comforting and disturbing because we do not know from where we come from or where we are going. Science cannot answer these questions: What was the First Cause, the Source of all matter and life? The Big Bang? Possibly from some singularity, yes, but what preceded such an event?  It is the very act of cognition of these matters that bears witness to Intelligence bestowed.

As to where we are going, it seems clear that the Human Soul is a physical existence made up of tissues and blood animated for a time by a life force which flickers and smolders like a flame on a candle which, when extinguished goes no where but "out." Then we become a dead Soul, just as it appears to be, so we dispose of the remains as gently as possible and tell each other it is finally done. But, it is not over because there must be something more than simply being snuffed out like a flame. There must be some purpose, for all things have Purpose. Those believing in God may offer excuses that "God took them Home," or "needed another angel in Heaven," still, these are not comforting but to the one saying it to a loved one who has lost another loved one. Love needed that one here within their companionship on Earth. God does not "need" anything or anyone. Why blame Death on God?

Science cannot answer these questions. Although Religion claims to know what Science does not, it has only the evidence presented in Holy writings. If these are not really Holy writings then Religion is a pointless exercise in futility. If God did not have anything written down, then there is a very good chance that He does not exist. If God does not exist, then ALL of this is some accident; an anomaly of Cosmic proportions and gods are the product of our active imaginations. There is no Purpose then.

Science is unable to prove that there are no Holy writings of a Divine Source, just as it is incapable of disproving the existence of God or explain the Origin of the Universe or Life itself. Human Language is an "anomaly" according to Science, that appeared some thousands of years ago fully developed and capable of infinite usage. The existence of unique structures such as the human larynx and Broca's Area, among others, in the human brain that were "designed" specifically for Language Processing are not "mutations" or "adaptations" that "evolved" from animal sounds over long periods of time.

Science is vast, yet it is extremely limited as well. Saying that "God did it" is not the end of Science. It is the real beginning of Science. Today, though, "Science" has been elevated far above what it can actually explain. The "speed bump" in Museums of Natural History show fossil records of a false progression between Simian and Human skeletons. Standing side by side, those skeletons are clearly either Simian or Human. There is no "transitional" kind. There are extinct kinds of Simians and Humans, yes, but no transition between them. It was personally embarrassing to me to follow parents through these fossil displays at the museums trying to explain to their children how we "evolved."

I have been personally attacked and labelled every synonym of ignorant there is, arguing over the common use of the word "kind." I don't use the official scientific term Kind correctly. Out of these discussions I have concluded that these rabid promoters of "Science" over the Premise of God have actually replaced God with a Religion of "Science." So it is like oil and gasoline to discuss it at all. Monstrous and explosive statements have poured from highly educated people. I am not highly educated and I know that. I'm not pretending to be a Scholar of either "side." Then, the religious zealots chime in with ridiculous assertions about what they say the Bible says. Oil and gasoline.

The Internet provides the anonymity and disconnection of identity that brings out the worst of our humanity on these Online "discussions." What people would not say in your physical presence they will promote in Text. If there is a Moderator, their fingers must be flying in an attempt to keep the "lit matches" away from this tinder box of words. And, of course, there is no end of Trolls and agitators. Fortunately, if anyone reads this they are far removed from the Comments or they are a Robot. And in rare instances they are nice enough to simply move on. I have an intimate or automated audience. That's enough for now. Actually, it was too much. Science is good, but not THAT good. That's all.