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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Doctor Dan

A very talented musician and entertainer of a rock band I followed around called me "Doctor Dan" because I have some intelligence and always conscientiously tried to help people where ever I can. I learned it from my mother actually. So from the time I could walk and talk I wanted to "help people." That was why my chosen field was Health Care and thus the name Doctor Dan. I had no Degree, only basic Medical Training, as they say. But the Willingness to do whatever I could, no matter what it was, burned inside of me. I remain in that capacity to this day although I am physically and emotionally compromised in what I can realistically do. If I can't do it I find someone who can do it. This quality influenced my decisions to get Married to a pre-existing family and help in other ways. Today I suffer Burnout from a failure of the outcomes of these decisions as well as personal failures. It is difficult to go on. I suppose my most daunting task is to help me.