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Thursday, December 31, 2015

Gender Identification

The identification of Man and Woman has been blurred by what many claim to be a genetically coded anomaly or variation acquired at birth. There are cases of hermaphroditic babies being physically altered and raised to be a gender that was imposed upon them at birth. One such individual was raised to be a girl, but experienced an attraction to girls sexually. She wanted to be a boy because that was the gender imprinted in her body. So, eventually she was able to transition to being a boy as an adult. There is no question that gender identification can be confused, even from birth, where a person will have desires consistent with the opposite sex that they physically are not endowed with. There can be a powerful incentive to want to change their sexual identity physically and openly. This does happen. Still, there is in the general population a predominance of Men and Women as Heterosexuals that will form relationships and Marry. A large number of these have children and constitute the Family Unit. In these Family Units boundaries, expectations, and other influences can cause children to develop Homosexual tendencies and desires. Whether it be Nature or Nurture, it takes time to develop identity sexually and there is a strong degree of conflict.