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Saturday, December 5, 2015

In Space No One Can Hear You Text

I suppose that since the body replaces all of it's cells every seven years, so they tell me, I think in terms of "seven year cycles." Of course, there are exceptions. For instance, at age 25 or so I noticed that my thinking had become adult like and, sure enough, the brain seems to acquire those traits around that age. About 25 years later, the brain apparently attains another leap in it's maturity level. Logically, I would expect something similar happening 25 years after that and 25 years later again. Whether it be multiples of a set number of years or simply an awareness measured in time I do not know. Still, there is a definite shift in self awareness periodically. 

I have been at this Web Logging business for about nine years now, along with pen and paper, and I wonder whom the audience is. What drives the activity is simply a sheer awareness that I have been collecting things of similar or progressive nature and wish to continue. The reward is being able to look back over time at it all. But that time too is limited. I doubt very much that anyone else, including myself, can realistically preserve any of it in a meaningful context a century from now. Or a hundred years from when I had first begun. Usually that is reserved for sensational Scientists and Writers of notoriety. I am simply not that good and time is fast running out. Even my own Family and Friends have taken no note of it or offered any feedback. I have friends that are educated and do very well that also have had little or no attention directed to their work. There is a glut of material out there in Cyberspace.

We are Mortal and so is our handiwork. I have stored in boxes pictures and ephemera from the previous century of my ancestors, many of which I no longer know and have no one alive to really talk about them anymore. Someone on my English father's side of the family compiled a large volume from records and memorials dating back to the 17th century. Others have material going back apparently an entire millennium before that. My Native American ancestors have no such records. And on my mother's side I have a plethora of Northern European names and pictures. Somewhere they all intersect with Charles the Great or Charlemagne as he was known, crowned king of the Western Roman Empire remnants on Christmas 800 CE. Realistically, many people of European Descent can make such a claim, just as one in every 200 Asians can trace their ancestry back to Genghis Khan due to his rape of 20,000 women. Before that, we have Noah and finally our common ancestor over 6,000 years ago, Adam. We have names and some documentation, but that is about it. No pictures, no letters, no pressed flowers or hair clippings, and no school work.