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Saturday, December 19, 2015


Just as every human that has ever lived died, everyone started out as a cute baby and grew as a child. As one astute father observed, "Then they grow up and become selfish jerks." Of course, that isn't universally true because some grow up to be wonderful adults. Still, we acquiesce to the fact that ALL children and adults are a melange of good and bad traits. Conscientious parents try to prune the bad away to reveal the good and sweet nature through discipline. One school teacher lamented that 'children are not all innocent creatures. They can be more evil than you can imagine.' She, of course, was speaking from actual experience. Parents also, if they are not completely blinded by sentimentality and family pride, reluctantly admit their little angels can quite often be almost demonic at times. So it is a very real challenge, knowing that no matter how hard they try, their babies will be bad to some degree under certain circumstances. They may blame others, the environment, genetics, and a host of influences, but the bottom line is what develops in the mind and heart of the child alone. It cannot be overstated.