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Saturday, December 19, 2015

Auspicious Beginnings

At least half of all Marriages fail and many more live Alone with quiet desperation in unhappy Marriages. There are A LOT of people disappointed in Love, to put it mildly. My Parents were mismatched. Dad danced with Mom before they were married and she was delighted because she cherished dancing to Big Band tunes of the 1940's, but after they were married he stopped. I was "love bombed" before Marriage and called "Mr. Wonderful" by my fiance every day. She even put it in the Newspaper for everyone to see. My flagging ego was exquisitely raised proudly to the top. It ended when we were married and it gradually disintegrated over 25 of the best years of this "life" we are granted. One lesson my Parents showed me by example is that you NEVER GIVE UP. NEVER. They stayed together and had plenty to complain about, but they never did so openly, to the death. How can I "accept" Divorce? It is a living death to me. We made a solemn promise, a VOW, before God and Man, and we are breaking it. My heart is broken. Everything I am as a man is violated. The question asked in every Divorce, in so many words, asks if the Marriage is completely "broken." The sacred vow can only be broken by Adultery or Death and neither, to my knowledge, has happened. How can I state under Oath that this is true? We have a Covenant Bond symbolized by our rings. If this means nothing anymore, not worth the paper it is written on, then what Meaning is left?