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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

My First Orgasm

I remember my first orgasm, a paroxysm of complete Joy and Release, as though it were yesterday. I was either ten or 11 in about sixth Grade over 40 years ago. It happened totally by accident during a triumphant moment of achievement in Gym Class at my Elementary School. You see, I had been struggling to climb the pole which was lowered along with thick ropes to climb from the Gym ceiling when I suddenly was in the Zone and I scrambled all the way to the top and touched the ceiling. I was wearing my new Jock Strap and Gym Shorts and my legs were clamped tightly around the pole when I felt the most amazing feeling. My life was literally transformed then and there. I lingered at the top, looking around, when Bill the Janitor came walking into the Gym and the boys standing in line below me began to complain that I was taking too long and they were eager to take their turn. So after dry humping the pole by instinct, I descended, as the amazing phenomenon subsided. I felt a little sick, but other than that I was never better. I had no idea what had just occurred, and neither did anyone else. Still, I was born again to a new life I could only imagine. I have been trying to duplicate the experience ever since. And that was my first orgasm.