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Saturday, December 19, 2015

Natural Born

Sometimes people look like what they really are. Most of the time there are exceptions because we have first impressions that prove to be wrong. There are times, though, that a synchronicity occurs. Even then, we want to believe the best about people. How many stories are there about beastly guys that end up having a good soft heart? Maybe their experiences in life embittered them or hardened them and they just had to work it out or somebody came along that changed their heart for the better. It is against our nature to accept that certain ones seem to turn to evil and stay there out of decisions they make or are simply "bad seeds" that are born evil. More often than not, they choose to be evil. Why would someone deliberately side with what is bad? It is usually a matter of opportunities and rewards along the way. Unfortunately, these rewards and opportunities effect a lot of people because their choices bring them into positions of power, wealth, influence, fame, and so on that spreads out and makes a whole lot of misery.