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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Oh, The Bible

The most common objection to God is the statement that 'if He is a God of Love, why is there so much atrocity in the world?' A good question that deserves an answer. From a Scientist's point of view it is the apparent nullification of Science by the statement that 'God did it' in answer to every question about the Earth and the Universe. And in most people's minds the question of Why? is raised when something bad happens to us personally such as disease, death, and other losses. Good questions all. If God is so Good why is there so much Evil? And universally so? What is Good?

Today there is a growing body of thought that the entire idea of God has been nullified by Science. That there is no evidence of God's existence at all. And this, of course, is actually reflected in Religion throughout history, as well as the recent decline, misconduct, and contradictions it holds. If the so-called representatives of God do not represent the spiritual values they preach, of what value is it? Some have themselves even denied that God exists. With such confusion, what is truth? In turn, Scientists and Spiritualists fill the void with their assertions of truth, or that there is no truth at all.

The Bible as a historical Document, a Library of Books, is the most popular Publication in the history of the world. It has been attacked, first by Religion itself to prevent common people from reading it and exposing the lies inherent in religious dogmas. Secondly by Science which has created the belief that it is a 'a Bronze Age Holy Fairy Tale' and that 'God is Dead.' In a condescending manner, some have suggested that only the uneducated and superstitious believe in the Bible and God because Science has proven it to be so. It is at best, a 'transitional teddy bear' to hold. This unscientific undermining of the Bible and minimization of its legitimacy is totally unwarranted.

Reasonably, God Himself would have to appear and lay to rest all these challenges once for all time. Yet, the Bible itself explains 'that NO ONE has seen God at ANY TIME' because 'no man can see God and live' to tell about it. If Jesus is God, this could not be true because many saw Jesus in the flesh and the spirit, living to tell about it. This contradicts the dogma of the Trinity, which many religions hold to be the definition of "Christianity." Jesus was the Son of God and 'son of man.'

The dogma of the inherent immortality of the human soul is the basis of "Christian" and non Christian religions alike. Still, the Bible clearly states that 'the living know that they will die, but as for the dead they KNOW NOTHING AT ALL.' Again it says, 'the soul that is sinning, it itself will DIE.' Life is a gift, and if anyone receives Immortality or deathlessness, it is a reward, not a punishment. So how could there be since the first man Adam 'BECAME A LIVING SOUL,' how could there possibly be the transmigration of the soul elsewhere or the preservation for all eternity of souls in fiery torment? There is no "Hellfire."

Since the Bible itself lays flat these primary teachings of most major religions, where do their other traditions and practices stand before God? These are not mere interpretations, but the words of God. In fact, the Bible concludes in Apocalypse or Revelation that a religious prostitute, 'drunk with the blood of holy ones and spiritual prostitution with the kings of the earth, riding upon the back of a wild beast' symbolizing these governments, will find that same beast will soon turn on her and completely destroy her with fire and eat her up. Her merchants and followers can only stand aside at a distance in mourning. As unlikely as this seems, THIS is God's thought toward her and these are His words in the Bible.

God's contempt is primarily against institutions of man, but he has also reserved His judgement for any individuals that stand in opposition to His express Will. He is not alone in this because He has delegated judgement to none other than His Son Jesus Christ, the King of His Governmental Kingdom. Revelation reveals that 'with the long sword that comes from his mouth' the spirit of God's Word, he will wage war with all the remaining ones that oppose that Kingdom. And in the end, 'the god of this system of things,' revealed as 'the Devil and Satan' with his demons, will be imprisoned.

As terrifying and overwhelming as this Armageddon is, it will truly be God's War to end all wars and in this fact alone it is actually the best Good News anyone can hear in this dark, violent, immoral time and place in human history. The true God Jehovah of Armies will completely reveal Himself to both His enemies and those who thankfully listened to His Word the Bible. Available in whole or in part in most every language, it is not difficult to find. This is the vital importance of this Book to Mankind. It goes without saying that such events in our immediate proximity will lay flat all other challenges too.

As for the questions raised at the outset, the challenge to God's Universal Sovereignty by Satan, Adam, and Eve had to be given time to develop in order to show the consequences of such a challenge for all time to come. Did God have the right to rule over mankind? The consequences would be the intense suffering that people over the millenniums since then have suffered. The death, disease, war and every evil has resulted under the rule of this real 'god of this system,' the Devil and his demons. The War of Armageddon in our time, then, is God's War to end these consequences forever. After this war, the world would benefit fully from the rule of God's Son by reversing ALL the horrible consequences of sin and death. The 'god of this system' and his demon hordes will be imprisoned for 1,000 years until a full restoration of Earth and it's inhabitants to an Eden like paradise is accomplished. Those who have died will be resurrected, or stood back up to life again, to a perfect life where they will never have to grow old, get sick and die. No more war, crime, famine or any of these ancient evils will be allowed ever again. So the War of God will bring about these conditions. Truly Good News.

Only the wicked who oppose God's Sovereignty, or right to rule, will be destroyed. So those remaining after 1,000 years will be given a test to assure that all of them support this governmental Kingdom by having Satan released. He and all those who follow him will be eliminated forever.

The purpose of God for the Earth will have been restored: A complete paradise full of happy and healthy people. This would be God's Will. Only Jehovah God, the TRUE God, can give us all what we rightfully desire out of life: The REAL LIFE.