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Thursday, December 17, 2015


When I think of Narcissism or any number of Disorders that afflict us, I have adopted the view of many doctors today that most of these personality traits exist on Spectrums or degrees of severity in all of us. Some are latent, dormant or recessive, but they are definitely there. Especially when we are of the belief that we created the good traits ourselves while the bad and ugly traits just seem to be an unfortunate side effect inflicted upon us by nature or lack of nurturing. Now we have encoded the entire Genome and take the liberty of blaming things on genetics rather than owning the privilege of the good, bad, and ugly of the full spectrum of our humanity. Animals, of course, carry no such load of responsibilities except on the most basic levels. They simply exist as they are without pretenses. Animals have what can be considered similar feelings and even thought patterns complimentary to our own, and so some countries have given them the designation as Sentient Beings worthy of rights. And so they should be treated as a life form with thoughts and feelings. The Copyright on the Selfie that was taken by the above Primate is being determined in Court to be owned by it or the man's camera. Unfortunately, the Primate lost his Copyright on the photo. The event was considered to be just 'one of those things.'