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Friday, January 8, 2016

Seven Years of "Yesterdays Tomorrow Today"

'The moment is only successive periods of Now.' This paraphrased saying is one of the plums I have collected over the years from adherents to various schools of thought. The name "Yesterdays Tomorrow Today" is used because it says nothing. It is simply another plum. At one time and place, these may have been quite profound and inspiring. During the years people experimented with psychedelic drugs and new religions and free sex it probably blew some minds. Once upon a time...

This Web Log is a collection of germinating and non germinating seeds of thought collected over the years. I could make another from the material I Deleted. It represents an ongoing self teaching on how to Write. I'm not Writing here; I am trying to learn how to write. This Web Log has been examined thousands of times, mostly by Web Crawlers and Beacons to Censor the Content. Still, a few actually alive people have popped in and out from around the world. I appreciate that. I do.