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Saturday, January 9, 2016

What Is Feminism?

"To sum up my views on the topic of feminism, based on my experiences debating with self-confessed feminists over the last four years, I now consider feminism to be a quasi-religion based on the worship of the idealized female;  …and I’m a blasphemer.
The idealized female as our one true God, is both weak and strong, helpless and capable, morally superior and without semblance of accountability or agency. In fact it is not each or all of these qualities that make her our true overlord. It is her tendency to constantly flux between the yin and yang of these opposing traits. Milo Yiannopolous calls it ‘quantum superstate feminism’. Man on the other hand (made up of the proverbial ‘patriarchy’, the overtly powerful and threatening guardian of society, and the male feminist or ‘white knight’) worships the idealized female, and her tendency to validate him by occasionally allowing him access to her precious sex. Whereas woman – average woman, a helpless petal blowing in the breeze of male domination, doesn’t even know the idealized female exists (in them), yet can subconsciously surrender to her infinite wisdom and activate her influence when it suits her." -- from Obara E on 01/08/2015 movie review of "Ex Machina"