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Monday, October 10, 2016

Mature, Patient and Kind

 There are some truly experienced and educated older people that I know. They can be shelters in the storm, a refreshing oasis in the desert, and place of safety in the darkness. I am drawn to them because they represent stability among the unstable conditions of this old world. It is an old world after all; a dying world in which we exist. The so called ministers to our souls are in fact nothing of the sort. Having been given one simple but very important task, like a babysitter for the children, they have done everything but babysit. And proved to be self serving and bankrupt in the very place where they were assigned to be the most generous and wealthy: Human spirituality.

As for the rest nothing more needs to be said. It is self evident what they have become. Businessmen are motivated by money to the exclusion of all other concerns. Unless, of course, it is their concerns. Politicians motivated by power and influence, and money as well, have corrupted themselves freely. 

So where is the mature, patient, and kind old souls that can provide such comfort and warmth in the cold, dark, wet, and corrupt world of Today? Their fire has not gone out. In fact, their fire will never be extinguished.

I am speaking truth about what is true religion in the Bible and I am referring not to the negligent and abusive who call themselves ministers and prove false to the claim, but to the true ministers.


32 Look! A king+ will reign for righteousness,+
And princes will rule for justice.
 And each one will be like a hiding place* from the wind,
A place of concealment* from the rainstorm,
Like streams of water in a waterless land,+
Like the shadow of a massive crag in a parched land.