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Thursday, October 13, 2016

Objectionable Material

  • Acts of torture, the infliction of serious physical harm or acts of significant cruelty
  • Sexual violence or sexual coercion, or violence or coercion in association with sexual conduct
  • Sexual or physical conduct of a degrading or dehumanizing or demeaning nature
  • Sexual conduct with or by children, or young persons, or both
  • Physical conduct in which sexual satisfaction is derived from inflicting or suffering cruelty or pain
  • Exploits the nudity of children, young persons, or both
  • Degrades or dehumanizes or demeans any person
  • Promotes or encourages criminal acts or acts of terrorism
  • Represents that members of any particular class of the public are inherently inferior to other members of the public by reason of any characteristic of members of that class being a characteristic that is a prohibited ground of discrimination specified in the Human Rights Act 1993.