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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

I'm Getting Too Old For This

Concealment and hiding in the intellectual shadow is not for me anymore. I have been diplomatic my whole life so as not to offend anyone and I've offended more by doing so than if I simply came out in the open and took a stand for good, for bad and for ugly. This perpetual Mexican Standoff is not good for my emotional and physical well being or my mental health. It feels dishonest and it is dishonest. I have all the evidence of hard facts that I could possibly need or want inside and out.

This seems vague to most people but it has to do with my core beliefs. I hide them and let others feel they are teaching me something new when in reality I am taking it all in and weighing my response. Not that I don't listen attentively and learn new things. I do. I simply have beliefs based upon evidence. I do not roll with the majority whom will feel they have even greater evidence against what I believe. It has always been this way.

There are teachable people and there those whom, at least for the moment, are not. Maybe something will happen that will change this standoff. Until it does change it is best to simply move on rather than do or say something to make that change more unlikely. People are free moral agents having the right to choose or choose not to choose. There is no greater freedom to preserve than the freedom of personal choice in any given situation in life.

To preserve one's personal dignity is important. I never want to cause another to feel a loss of their personal dignity regardless of differences. It just is not mine to take away from them. If I honor their freedom of personal choice, I certainly must honor the personal agency of the one making the choice. "First, do no harm," Physician's are told. Particular harm is done when choice and dignity are denied respect in individuals we meet up with each day.

These qualities are essential specifically when they are the most difficult to summon; when it appears a person or persons do not merit consideration in this manner or when it seems they are unobserved.