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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

The Staff of Aesculapius

The REAL symbol of Medicine, it is a rough staff with one shiny brown snake wrapped around it. No wings. The double snakes with the wings evolved over time and was wrongly associated with Medicine by the US Army. No one else. Later, it was again wrongly associated by other entities. Most of the original symbols for medicine were the Staff of Aesculapius around the world.

This symbol is used for the "Do Not Resuscitate" bracelets and tags they make. It is interesting this symbol of Medicine is used for a Document and personal indicator to first responders that if the bearer is found without vital signs they are ONLY to clear the airway, administer oxygen, position for comfort, splint, control bleeding, provide pain medication, provide emotional support and contact Hospice or other Provider. They are NOT TO perform chest compressions, insert advanced airways, administer cardiac resuscitation drugs, provide ventilator assistance or defibrillate. This is Medicine as much as heroic measures are Medicine. It is "doing no harm."