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Sunday, December 4, 2016

Exaptation: an evolved character whose current use is not the same as its original use.

This was Geni's commentary on my direct ancestor born 200 years before me August 6, 1762:

"John Messer Lowell of the famous Boston Lowells betrayed his family by helping the Patriots in the American Revolution instead of the British. In fear of being turned in, he changed his last name to Reed and began a new life."

Now the story I was told by my family, the Reed's, was that he was captured by the British and as a condition of his release he was not to join the American Army again, so he agreed, promptly changed his name to "Reed" and Reenlisted. The stories seem either subsequent or mutually exclusive, I'm not really sure. And with a middle name like Messer I would have had that changed as well while I was at the County office.

Either way, I don't believe the Lowell family will be sending us any Christmas cards this year.