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Thursday, December 1, 2016

Sailing Upon Winds of Inspiration vs Writer's Block

Inspiration is a mystery. It is the winds of brainstorms and other internal weather that lights up the neurons of the mind and rumbles softly like thunder inspiring us to do what we do well. And if that happens to be music, poetry or prose. we can create inspiring pieces of work that fill our sails with the invisible air and energy that propel us through the doldrums. And float all vessels in our wake again.

Some people use combinations of drugs and manic episodes to induce the high of creative thought to be the hilarious comedian, the possessed musician, and the brilliant artist that inhabits us ALL really. Soon we need more drugs, more attention, to be the rock star. "Better to burnout than to fade away." It is cheating and self defeating because soon enough there is never enough and we know they will die. How many were lost in premature death or at a young age just this way? There is a long list indeed.

I tried it, but there are always good reasons to give it up, so I took the exit that saved my life and left the lifestyle alone before I became rich and famous. And I am so glad I did. Life without hurricanes of dramatic activity day and night takes some getting used to. Oh, I do miss certain features of that former lifestyle and hindsight is not always 20/20. It is often biased toward forgetting the realities. The way I counter such bias is not to stifle such thoughts but to think about them in more depth and intensity. How did I REALLY feel at the time? What was the morning after like? What did other people see and hear? It's like looking at a familiar scene from other perspectives. Why did I make such effort to leave such an exquisite lifestyle? When I think it all the way through, pleasure fades.