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Friday, December 23, 2016

The White Stripes - White Moon [Under Great White Northern Lights last song} - White Moon, White Moon breaks open the Tomb of a deserted cartoon that i wrote Creature come, Creature, Creature My own double feature as I'm warming the bleachers at home. Well, my nose keeps on bleeding 'Cause it's Rita I'm needing I better call out a meeting of the boys, of the boys And My friends are all dying And death can't be lying It's the truth and it don't make a noise Oh Rita, Oh Rita If you lived in Mesita I would move you with the beat of a drum And this picture is proof that although you're aloof You had the shiniest tooth 'neath the Sun Easy come, Easy go Be a star of the show I'm giving up all that i know to get more, to get more Photograph the picture Young grunt pin up Scripture For locker tagged memories of war A mirage, this garage And a photo montage But she met me then led me And I ate what was fed me 'Til I purged every word in this song