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Friday, December 9, 2016

"What Do You Write About? You Don't DO Anything."

Someone once close to me made that observation about writing in my Journal and this Blog. I understand the context. My brother would have said the same thing, if he were alive. And there are a few others who did not consider Home Health as a legitimate job. Truth be told it was more vital than what they did for a living. And I am Disabled, which is ANOTHER area of dispute. They would say there was nothing wrong with me and that I did not have a legitimate Disability. Well then, I have convinced about a dozen doctors over time and the Government itself that I have Bipolar Disorder, among others. So I am "defrauding" the Government even though I am paying into the Social Security System as I make legitimate Income from it for my Disability. I live on nothing; a dollar or two per day. That isn't life. That is life support. Pull the plug.