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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Beyond a Measure of Doubt

A year ago an Investigation was conducted on me which culminated in the Department of Justice "visit" over six months ago when all of my electronics were scanned and destroyed or corrupted by their equipment. Ever since I have been "looking over my shoulder" in some sense curious as to the further measures taken behind the scenes to watch what I say and do. I get little hints here and there.

I'm not entirely convinced the undisclosed reason was itself a cover to look for something else here. The timing was serendipitous to say the least, being right in the middle of a Contested Divorce with my Significant Other while we were over 2,000 miles apart. Not that there is or was anything to find. I once believed if you are not doing anything wrong you have nothing to worry about. Not any more.

I still believe I am subject to the superior authorities whom are placed to enforce the law against the ones inclined to break it. Laws represent Order and Protection against the actual bad guys out there so I did more than cooperate: I accommodated them beyond what they asked for. I volunteered the data and the equipment used which might have been unfavorable to me personally had they pursued it.

Apparently, I was not what they were looking for. The next day I pursued my own local investigation and unearthed the probable cause and persons of interest possibly involved in the Case. There is no real "closure" because I am, like everyone else, on a strictly "need to know" list. It really does leave one hanging, though, wondering if I am still a suspect because it can't quite be proved conclusively.