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Thursday, January 26, 2017

“The greatest gift that thinking ever gave me was the means to learn that thinking would betray me.” - Alistair McHarg, author of the book "Invisible Driving"

Intelligence; the cerebral rather than the organizational type, has an Achille's Heel: It overreaches its abilities. It tends to mislead one into believing that virtually everything can be figured out logically. It cannot. So, in a sense it is deceptive and untrustworthy even though intelligent people put trust in it to a superior degree. 

There are, of course, different types of intelligence. There is the visceral street smarts of practical wisdom that allows one to survive. And there are a plethora more. Intelligence allows people to learn and retain understanding, discernment, insight, reasoning ability, practical, tactical and technical wisdom and so much more.

Like visual acuity, it is more than the ability to see well. Intelligence gives one the ability to acquire and interpret information accurately through ALL the senses. This ability includes the skill to filter out and buffer against extraneous input. I am hypersensitive, hyper-vigilant, and dissociated so I am disqualified from properly interpreting data.

Intelligence, in order to be useful, must be appropriately balanced and connected with so many other factors. Which is why Artificial Intelligence is such a challenge. NOTHING can be taken for granted in assessing what a machine "knows." It knows only what it is specifically programmed to be known by the Artificial Intelligence System.