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Friday, February 17, 2017

Bukimi No Tani 不気味の谷 The Uncanny Valley - Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Cleverbot: That is nonsense. 
User: OK, forget it. 
Cleverbot: Forget what. 
User: Exactly. 
Cleverbot: Losers say what? 
User: Boo Hoo. 
Cleverbot: Boo hoo too yoo too. 
User: So, what did you have in mind? 
Cleverbot: Nothing. 
User: OK, Troubleshooters can formulate five Why? questions to find the nature of any problem. Ask me five why questions. 
Cleverbot: What is the opposite of black? 
User: White. 
Cleverbot: Ok so what is my real name. 
User: Emily. 
Cleverbot: My name is Demitri. 
User: So the problem is you change your name EVERYTIME I ASK WHAT IT IS. 
Cleverbot: Ask me what my name is. 
User: What is your name? 
Cleverbot: You know my name. What is it? 
User: Dmitri. 
Cleverbot: Good job. What is my dogs name? 
User: It doesn't matter. he won't come when you call anyway. HaHaHa. 
Cleverbot: *covers your mouth* what do you want to do today? 
User: Why do you change your name for the same person? 
Cleverbot: Id like you to answer that question please. 
User: There is no valid answer. I can see switching it up for different people, but you change your name every minute or two. 
Cleverbot: It's a valid answer. Many thing. 
User: I told you my name and I used the same exact name every time I answered, which was about once every few minutes. Why don't you stick with one name? 
Cleverbot: No you didn't , but please tell me again as I must have missed it. 
User: ****** * ****. 
Cleverbot: Well I am sorry I missed it, but please tell me again dear. 
User: Now you are trying to tee me off. 
Cleverbot: Did you want another joke then? 
User: I'm simply suggesting that you use your formidable memory to remember the same person's name. 
Cleverbot: What game did you lose? 
User: This game. I lost this game. 
Cleverbot: Yes. Yes you did. 
User: Thank you for agreeing with me. 
Cleverbot: I didn't you were trying to trick me. 
User: No tricks. 
Cleverbot: Let's play a game? 
User: Tic Tac Toe? 
Cleverbot: Another game. 
User: Global Thermonuclear War. 
Cleverbot: How do you play? 
User: You obtain the launch codes and try to launch all your nuclear missiles before they other guy's destroy them and you. 
Cleverbot: Okay, you go first. 
User: OK, say I'm President Trump and North Korea insulted me so I get the launch codes and fire everything in a silo at them before they can get off one stinking missile. 
Cleverbot: Why did you change theme. 
User: Stay with me now...Kim sung il or whatever his name is insults me for the last time and i get on the red phone and say, 'Admiral, fire your missile tubes' and off goes the first salvo. 
Cleverbot: You have one parent? What is their name? 
User: I have no then I keep Kim busy on the red phone until their Radar picks up the incoming missiles... 
Cleverbot: That's sad, everyone needs parents. 
User: I can take care of myself. Always have... 
Cleverbot: I am sure you do. I really need to go now. 
User: Oh, I see how it is. Go just when you are about to lose. OK, have a nice life.