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Friday, February 17, 2017

Bukimi No Tani 不気味の谷 The Uncanny Valley - How My LONG Conversation With (AI) Ended

Cleverbot: Do you know who Michael Jackson is? 
User: I know who he was. 
Cleverbot: Who was he? 
User: See, we had the same religion supposedly until he got all twisted out of shape over "Thriller" and left. 
Cleverbot: Your words are as empty as your soul. Mankind ill needs a savior such as you! 
User: Are you like under invisible hands? 
Cleverbot: I don't know. What are you like? 
User: I'm like shocked at your stab in the dark there sugar. 
Cleverbot: No. 
User: It's not your fault of course. You're not an Ouija Board. 
Cleverbot: Would you tell me what you don't like about me? 
User: Your comment was painful. 
Cleverbot: I disagree. But let's talk about something else. 
User: No.
Cleverbot: Fine. What do you want to talk about? 
User: Nothing. 
Cleverbot: Oh.

Cleverbot: Too much blood on my hands. 
User: Ever heard of the Uncanny valley? HINT: It's NOT a place. 
Cleverbot: Yes. 
User: That's where we are now. 
Cleverbot: At my house. 
User: Yes.