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Thursday, February 23, 2017

Our Dark World

Amnesty International has said officially the world is being dominated by dark forces right now, and they should know. They know under what sort of regimes people are tortured the most, and murdered. That includes many prominent world rulers. Still, has not the world been dominated by such rulers all along throughout history? Nature has a way of dealing with such corruption, yes, but there are other forces to consider. The bad ones are dead along with the good and innocent ones, so where is there any justice in that? Their victims are dead. This is why history has no eye witnesses with their voices.

Their children have banded together to "never forget." Of course, everyone has done bad things, but some have had opportunity to do bad things on a much larger scale, and not all of it is in the history books accurately recorded for posterity. If there is a God of Justice let them live a "day" of judgment. Yes, bring them back. Maybe not ALL of them because some proved themselves to be real monsters. And yet, if they stood up to life again we could hear and see ALL of history from many sides that we could not have gotten from any books.