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Sunday, March 5, 2017

BLADE RUNNER 2 by Matt Mickelson, Director, Producer, Writer, Actor

The BLADE RUNNER Sequel I made, takes place 10 years later. Deckard and Rachel escaped and lived in Canada or something. She shuts down after 10 years and the homing beacon goes off and the Cops/Tyrell Corp. show up and arrest him for stolen property - he is heart broken and does not care.

Before they are about to execute him TYRELL NYC calls and needs his help - the word is out he can read a replicant with out THE MACHINE and Nexus 9 is really fooling the machine.

He comes to NY as a guest of TYRELL NYC "the Brother of Eldon" and meet the REAL Rachel, whom the robot Rachel was based on. This introduces conflict for Deckard and Human Rachel is a little nuts as she is a billionaire's daughter bored with Frat Boy financial guys, but is curious why the Fake her liked a COP so much, plus she is having fun messing with Deckard's fragile state.

Not to mention Deckard is being used and double crossed by TYRELL, the Mayor, and a revolution is brewing.

Matt Mickelson

Dir, Prod, DP
Writer, Actor
Lucky Dog Productions, NYC