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Thursday, March 30, 2017

COP Movie Documentary, "THE SOCIAL WORKER" Part 1 - This is a Documentary in progress, of the interviews I shot in 2007 of my Father Robert C Mickelson and his coworkers. We talked about his life as a Homicide Detective, as a base for my script. The video is to demonstrate the nostalgia of the period that I am trying to capture and share, as Mad Men has and Good Fellas did. I wrote a two hour movie script and a one hour follow up 3rd episode. I could make this a movie, but I have so many captivating, hilarious, original stories that i see this as a long running episodic TV show on AMC, FX, HBO, or Showtime. I have never seen a cop show with the twists oddities, and social intricacies that this real life story has. Many of the details are so absurd that a studio could not make this stuff up if they tried. Truth is stranger than fiction. There is also a show open for THE SOCIAL WORKER on this Channel. The story he is describing is in the 2nd act of the script of THE SOCIAL WORKER. Matt Mickelson Channel on