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Thursday, March 23, 2017

For It Is Not In His Heart To Afflict or Grieve the Children of Men - La 3:33

Thinking of someone other than myself is not difficult when it is my family involved; my brother and sister, my mother and father. I am certain it is the same with you. We care about, worry about them all and when we hear they are in distress it is worse than if it is happening to yourself. We want to help. I know despite how bad things get someone always has it worse.  And sometimes our hands are tied; I cannot do anything on my own so I appeal to the rest of the family to help where and when we can. It is the 118,000 Congregations around the world that are coordinating a letter writing campaign to the Russian Authorities showing we are NOT "Extremists" or Criminals. Jehovah's Witnesses are neutral as to world affairs.