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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

"If You Want To Get Away With Murder Kill A Junkie"

For Kurt Donald Cobain and others that is how it all ends. Let someone close to you introduce you to a highly addictive substance and lose control of your life. And lose your life to anyone who takes it. I have to really think about why Charles Manson is in prison and his parole was denied repeatedly over time because he personally never really got caught killing anyone. The people that did kill get out but not Charlie Manson. And he was a musician too. Imagine if he were an Actor/Musician making videos and movies and spending his ill gotten gains to keep the truth suppressed, manipulating the media and scaring people into silence. Imagine if he had a son and had gotten rid of the boy's mother by conspiracy. Imagine if even in the face of overwhelming public and private evidence and police corruption he stayed out of prison for a generation. What if he were a female with a personality disorder and congenital mental illness? Or if Charlie Manson lived 30 years later and was free in the 21st century world?