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Saturday, March 25, 2017

What This Blog Is and Is Not

Many Blogs present one Theme of Interest that can be categorized easily such as Food, Art, Jewelry, Clothing, Current Events, Religion and so on. My intent from the start over eight years ago was to simply take the Content of and other public providers Online and Post the Entries as my interest was caught by them without regard for Themes, Audience or Systematic Presentation. It is random. 

The Entries are not the most Recent or Current Content of anything. It is not necessarily obscure, marginal or controversial and sensational. At times it is, and I have Deleted at least as much Content as I have Published over the years. At first I was sporadic, sometimes allowing a year or more to pass without making an Entry. In recent years I have been more diligent. Again, these Entries do not reflect my values and I neither condone nor condemn the Content. I do not Censor Content. It is "as is." However, I do take down content as instructed if it infringes upon some Legal or Ethical matter.