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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

contra principia negantem non est disputandum - there can be no debate with those who deny the foundations: Debate is fruitless when you don't agree on common rules, facts, presuppositions.

sic argumentum - There were ALWAYS argumentation and debates in our house in the teenage years especially, and it was largely over common rules, facts, and presuppositions being openly questioned. I imagine it was, or is, the same at your house. The human brain's primary function appears to be that of an attorney arguing their Client's Case. The Prosecution, The Defense, and The Judge considering the interpretation and precedents of how laws and regulations are applied and what the intentions of the legislators were and the motivations of the Client in the Case at hand: The Client being oneself or someone intimately acquainted. Time is the fire within which we burn. Time is of the essence here.

Childhood is a progressive continuum from birth to death, but more importantly until age 25 or so when the Adult brain has fully developed. Most if not all will acknowledge that about age 25 or so we acquire the sense of full Agency over our lives. Some never seem to acquire that sense at all, still it is a progressive continuum of change for which all are accountable. A year, maybe a few months, can make all the difference in the world during this time. Most of that 25 years, that first quarter century, is to be expended gaining a command of Adult matters; the longest gestation period of any animal, thanks largely to the instinctive need to question EVERYTHING. No animal does that in its life.

What have they concluded after a quarter century of questioning and arguing about EVERYTHING exhaustively? That they will do whatever it is they want to do. And what is that? Not your business.

My father used force and logic alternatively while my mother used emotion and my father to appeal to my budding faculties of Agency and Reasoning. My conclusion was that life was meaningless and that my job in life was to acquire an informal education uninhibited by a formal one. Like Mark Twain apparently said, something to the effect that he never allowed schooling to get in the way of a proper education. My grandfather filled my head with stories of being on the road, the Depression and the World Wars so that my mother was thoroughly convinced that I would pack my bundle and jump on the next train to the Coast: East, South or West, it genuinely didn't matter. From there it might be a slow boat to Shanghai or other ports on the opposite side of the planet. Life: A meaningless existence.

Somewhere within the NEXT quarter century, on the downhill side, I discovered how impractical it was to continue living this meaningless life without anything productive to do; to show for my time.

Helping others find meaning in their lives: At the time, I didn't appreciate fully the irony of that mission in life. To Review: I concluded that life is meaningless, so I help others to find meaning...

in Life. Doctor Viktor Frankl, the Author of "Man's Search for Meaning," would be so proud of me. How is it said? That people who know what they are doing do it, while those who do not know what they are doing Teach it.